Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Baby und Blumen

Ein liebe Freundin hat ein Baby bekommen, den Sören. Für diesen Anlass habe ich diese Karte gebastelt!

Und hier noch eine Karte, von der ich noch nicht so recht weiß, ob sie mir gefällt. Auf jeden Fall ist sie sonnig, um nicht zu sagen feurig!


Virginia L. said...

These two cards are so lovely in their own ways! I love the baby card's design! The 2nd card is so beautiful with all the vibrant colors! I have that Small Solid Flower stamp and I don't think I had used it enough yet :)

Christiana said...

Oh my goodness, these cards couldn't be more different from each other, and yet they are both incredible! The first one is just so precious! Makes me want to smell a newborn. :o) The second is stunningly beautiful. Those fiery colors work so well together. Great job on both!

Bonnie R said...

The two cards are wonderful. I especially love the baby card. My (5yr old) son's name is Soren. Its a very rare name here in Canada. I really like the colors in the second card....they make me happy!