Saturday, 26 July 2014

To tell the tooth...

... I love Mr. Beaver! All the critters from Friends in the Woods are so cute!

Embossing paste is a big hit right now and there are so many things you can do with it.
Embossing paste alone is a great thing. You can add subtle structure for interest with it.
After drying you can color the embossing paste with Distress inks or with Distress Stains.
Or you can add glitter or embossing powder!
For this card I mixed the embossing paste with ink from an ink pad. But you can add different colors, too. I didn't found a color yet that didn't work!

So many opportunities! What do you do with your embossing paste?


Christine said...

Das ist meine allerliebste Koloration aller Zeiten (ever, ever und so... :) )
Diese Karte ist rosa und trotzdem habe ich sie ganz besonders gern... du machst ja Sachen... ;)

Gabi MeWi said...

Superschön - ich mag den Spruch zum Biber.

Anonymous said...

Einfach süß, er hat ja sogar das typische Waffelmuster im Schwanz :)

terry said...

Very cute card! love that you used pink ! Thanks for sharing~Terry

SonjaK said...

Wow, Anni, diese Farb- und Motivkombination ist einfach nur genial! LG Sonja

Elli p.´s Stempelvitrine said...

Total knuffig Anni !
LG Sabine