Thursday, 17 July 2014

CASE Study # 200

Es ist wieder Zeit für eine Karte von unserer wunderbaren Muse Shari Carroll bei CASE Study.
It is time again for another card from our amazing muse Shari Carroll over at CASE Study.

Ich habe verschiedene Elemente von Sharis Karte übernommen. Der Text auf dem schmalen Streifen Papier, das überhängende Element, die feinen Motive im Hintergrund und den Sketch an sich.
I used different elements from Shari's card: the sentiemnt on a narrow stripe of paper, the element that goes over the edge, the subtle images in the background and the sketch itself!

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Manuela said...

So eine schöne Karte! Die Farben sind so richtig leicht und zart!
LG, Manu

Lyndal said...

FABULOUS card Anni!

~amy~ said...

This is so very everything about it especially your choice of colors!

Tenia Nelson said...


Marcie Lovett said...

Just beautiful. I came over from the challenge blog to see what you'd done. I am inspired to use your card as a challenge for myself!

Melody said...

Really great card and one of my favorite color combos!